My name is Darlene Matthews and I have been marketing and helping others be found in the search engines for years. This is not only a hobby but a passion. After being sick for many years and having to give up my business I had no choice but to start over.

Marketing my business was something I worked hard on and when other business owners asked me how I grew my clientele I knew it was time for me to learn on a higher level. Good service made them want to stay, But I talked and hustled in the beginning to get them to come in the first place!

 Today it is much easier to promote your business with you know what social media strategy plan works best for your business type. I spent a great deal of money and time learning social media marketing. I have trained with great online marketers that are currently making millions for companies.

 It is important for me to grow businesses and save them from demise due to outside forces. I know that money is the key reason businesses fail; so my theory is that the more customers or leads you have the more business you can do.

 The right social media strategy plan can bring new life into any business. I specialize in service businesses, but am trained to get leads and bring customers into any business.
If you need me contact me please.

In the mean while, please enjoy the knowledge I will be sharing on "Social Media Marketing and Ad Spending" and look forward to the upcoming website I am working on. Ownership has it's privileges.