Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing is a great way to use your information and creating links. Your valuable articles and posts can be used in creating a video that will create links back to your website.

  • Record yourself or another reading or talking about your subject matter.
  • Create slides shows from your properly formatted articles and blog post and use them in your videos. Remember if you want to earn advertising money for your videos you must use "Free Domain" music, otherwise the artist will get paid.

5 Video Marketing Tips

  1. Don't get caught up in looking for expensive equipment to start. Get and inexpensive tripod and a $15 lapel microphone. 
  2. Be consistent with your background and clothe that you wear, remember, you are creating your brand and want people to remember you.
  3. Use Researched keywords in your title and description.
  4. Use a link first before your video description begins. 
  5. Include your link into your video in the beginning and end or/and the duration.

4 Steps To Video Marketing with YouTube.

Now you have what you need to get started and motivated to make your own videos. You even know what to look for if you pay someone else to do if for you. You will always continue to grow and get better, the best thing for you to do is begin.

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