Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How to Market Your Business On YouTube

   Many businesses are struggling keeping and getting new clients and are still using strategies that no longer work or are not trackable. Can we say Groupon or Yelp??

  YouTube videos are going viral and people are becoming stars and making lots of money. If you aren't already using YouTube in your marketing arsenal you are throwing money out the window!!

What are you currently using YELP, GROUPONs magazines, cable ads?  Look, some of these mediums are not working in fact I challenge you to even share  how you keep track of the business you are gaining from using them.

My point is you will have to invest time to social media marketing and advertising to begin spending your marketing money more efficiently with a social media marketer that knows what they are doing .

Setting Up YouTube

  1. Interesting banner. Yellow is a noticeable color to incorporate into your design.
  2. Link first before description. Don't let people search for this and remember some don't like to read. Make it easy.
  3. Alway give call of action: People have to be told what to do. Call Now, Click Link, Subscribe etc

 Free YouTube Marketing

   YouTube is what I suggest for you to get your brand started. Every business should have a story to brand them or at the very least a video that connects you with potential customers. Don't forget people research you before they take the leap. Get out there to be found.

 YouTube is great because you can emb your video on your website and your other social media channels. It's free and you don't have to pay for hosting. Being that YouTube is owned by Google it will be ranked in the search engine so use clear searchable titles and targeted keywords to be found.

6 YouTube Marketing Tips

Make several video and be enthusiastic while you are recording. It is not enough just to make boring ad videos. You have to make videos that resignates with your audience.
  1. Make videos of social events  with your clients and staff. 
  2. Before and after picture if that applies. 
  3. Brand Video- Tell your story without selling. But place call to action "Call Now" in your captions. 
  4. Be controversial in at least 1 or 2 of your videos; look at other controversial videos for suggestions 
  5. Viral Video- It can be touching,comical or unusual, but something related to your line of work. Sell in captions. Tap into others emotions.
  6. Advertising Video- This video will be all about your specialty and what you offer.

Always write a description with your link first. In your description offer to make a difference and educate your client. Making prospects feel important will go a long way. Be sure you are everything you say you are when the client comes and they will tell others and come back. Over deliver!


An iPhone 7 or late model android is a great tool for making your YouTube video.
Phone stand or someone with a steady hand is exceptable. Hey, you can do it yourself!
(Lav)lier Mic: to have a better sounds quality

Call To Action

Remember it is a must to have your call of action on top, middle and bottom always...
A call of action is when you tell your prospect what you want them to do.
  • click link
  • call now
  • view video
  • click for more information
  • go to website for your 20% off coupon
 I have to reiterate; Be sure you are everything you say you are when the client comes and they will tell others and come back. Over deliver!
If you are spending money only on YELP and GROUPON I know that you are not getting the customers and business you deserve.

Social Media Marketing is your ticket to more business and expansion.

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