Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Businesses Who Make More Money Have These 5 Things

Knowing you have a great product or service and being so confident it your  launch that you will invest money and time in marketing to everyone and expecting the phones and order forms to explode is like a great dream; too good to be true.

I recently watched and still am watching a business do this today. I tried to educate them about how they can target their business to the right people but they are doing what many have done before the year 2000. In my past offline brick and mortar businesses I marketed the same way; posting a giving out cards to everyone.
  • flyers
  • signs
  • business cards
This does not work alone. Of course your job is to always market, but there is a science to it. You have to be in the right pond to catch the right fish you want. It is the same with marketing, you have to market to those who want your product or service and market where they hang out? Make sense?

Great! Let's get started on the list now...

5 Things Businesses Must Have To Make More Money 

  1. Great Ad to make your targeted prospects aware that you have what they need. It must be clear and concise.
  2. Relevant Website/Lead page that shows what the ad promised. When a prospect clicks any link they will flee the scene in a matter of seconds if they don't see what they expect. 
  3. Lead Capture Form is a must to re-target and build trust to the visitors that come and do not commit to your product or service right away. If you don't capture the names of these very targeted leads you will be leaving money on the table.
  4. Free Gifts such as a Report, free sample or free 7 day email training are a great way to entice a visitor to give up their information to be re-targeted until they buy later.
  5. Autoresponders are used to send the Email sequences you will have to set-up to build trust and stay in your prospects mind. Spoon feeding your information to your new leads will make them valuable buyers now and in the future. I hope you've heard that a "List" is golden. or "The money is in the List" because it's true!
A Sales funnel set up to attract and drive targeted prospects to your website/service is a must to make big money your business deserves. This will most likely start with an ad, blog or social media post that is direct and relevant with a "call of action" such as "Learn More". When clicked it should go to a sales page that further explains exactly what the ad promised with another "call to action" such as "Buy Now" or  Get your "FREE Sample".

After this read you will now know the fundamental of growing yourself your own list. If you don't have the time or patience to set this up for yourself contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

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