Saturday, March 4, 2017

How To Market To Your Perfect Client

I understand that marketing can be very confusing and complicated  and may cost us some serious cash while searching for the marketing channel that works best.
Many have asked me what to do or to just do it for them but the answer is never simple. You have to know what type of client you are looking for and where they are in the first place...That's right, I said it!
   Just think about it for a minute. We cast a line out there, whether it's our flyers, radio ads, Social media or business card and hope for the best. This is marketing Russian Rolette!! or Sabotage at the very least!

We have to know what we want and where to find it...


Let's start again by asking the right questions...

  1. Who are our ideal customers?
  2. Where do they hang out?
  3. What marketing channel should you use to find them?
Now these are the right question to get you started! However, you must first answer the first two to get the answer to the third one.


No worries I will walk you through this process nice a slow, just hold my hand you will not get lost...
Let us  pretend you just opened up a pet sitting service in New York.
But let's be more specific for starters... You're in Manhattan, NY and will be sitting for indoor pets that are from upscale homes. You will be sitting for these dogs while their owners are out and about.
OK, Now that's more clear.
Now, let's see who  your ideal customer is... You are a mother and raised 3 children and owned 3 pets so you are very familiar with the need for this service.

1. Who is (your) ideal customer?

Think about the business; think...who is likely to order your service?   Hmmmmmm...
  • pet owner with children?
  • older adult man? woman?
  • athletic type?
OK. Let's start with just one because you want to target a specific type and not be all over the place and end up with ineffective marketing that doesn't suit your niche.
OK let's do this...
Your customer is Lydia, 47-year old woman and 3 children, that own a Dachshund and Chihuahua,

she is a RN at the NYU Langone Medical Center,

drives a Audi SUV
 and lives for her latte at the Birch Coffee House on Spruce St.
That's you customer!!! Does she remind you of someone?? Maybe not, but if you know where your fish are you can easily use the right bait. I hope this is making since to you...please reread and let it sink in.
You can get laser targeted with more information. The more information you get the better targeting your perfect customer will be.
Personal background
  • age
  • marital status
  • education

Job role
  • patient management
  • industry knowledge
  • medical reports
  • efficiency

  • raise/promotion
  • appearance
  • managing people/life
  • values family/job security

2. Where do they hang out?

This is going to excite you! Now that question 1 is answered... Guess what? questions 2 and 3 are just about answered too! OK maybe it's me exited...
This is too easy...
You already know that Lydia hangs out at "The Birch Coffee House" on Spruce st, right? And of course the hospital where she works and home.
I bet we could figure out where she may hang out online as well...Let's make some great guesses... with 987 mil views at this writing.


  1. Advertise in Facebook ad manager
  2. Choose an objective
  3. Encourage people to claim a coupon
  4. Select your target customer
  • women
  • ages 30- 64
  • etc
The bottom line is to market where ever you perfect customer is!!



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