Saturday, January 28, 2017

3 Things You Need Before Getting Leads On Autopilot

I know we want to believe the old adage "If We Build; They Will Come", but this is so not true. Neither is the dream of making money while we sleep....unless your website is set to work on auto pilot.

 It is ole school thinking that all we need is a great looking website. You need do think differently about your website in order to grow your

Just imagine your leads waiting for you to call them back every morning you check your mail? Well this is possible and highly doable, continue to read and reread if necessary.

Firstly a website needs to a way to capture  our visitors so we can retarget them. But first before we go further:
  •  you must have valuable content on your website that is relevant to what the visitor is expecting in the first place.  
  • Have a capture form that is connected to your email and has a link on the "Thank You Page" to your free gift.
  • bribe that visitor to give up their information by giving something away for "free" like an tutorial video, educational eBook or 3 to 5 part email training would be sufficient to build trust and authority.

Knowing what to do with the email collected is golden. The emails are your leads and your leads are your growing list that can be retargeted to allowing you to further increase your revenue. How, you ask?  You will have to have a sales strategy built right into your website or you are leaving money on the table.
  1. Lead capture page as we discussed to trade a visitors email for free valuable content.
  2. Autoresponder to automatically send free offer as promised, timed emails to build trust by following up with tips, discounts and  offers of your services.
  3. Sales Funnel is a strategy plan to connect your lead page or website all the way to a payment or desired action over and over again growing your business leads or revenue. You have to think of it as a trip your visitors or taking leaving only your qualified prospect to your business.

With a sales strategy in place including your lead capture page, auto-responder and sales funnel in place you will no longer have to worry about where your customers or leads are going because you can  contact them with further information until they are ready to do business  and/ or:
  • harass friends and family to buy your product
  • try to be "friended" and "followed" to look important with no increased revenue
  • worry about where your qualified leads and revenue are coming from
If you don't have these 3 things set up to get your leads or future customers get started today. Mailchimp is a very inexpensive autoresponser system to use and Clickfunnels is more expensive but combine different systems; it is your one stop shop to websites, lead capture forms , webinars and more. Try them both free and you decide for yourself.

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