Monday, January 23, 2017

3 Powerful Ways To Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

Image: Darlene Matthews
This is the definition of "bounce rate"; when a visitor leaves after looking at one page.

You may be ready to hire a marketing company or are currently paying for a marketing service and are wondering how to re-market to the visitors  that came and left (bounced).

First you're excited to see how many visitors you have but quickly become frustrated when you find out they left in seconds without leaving their information or browsing through your website.

Has your website been optimized for your visitor as well as the search engines? A high bounce rate is a sure sign that your website needs work. It's one thing to optimize your website to be seen by the search engines but if you haven't optimized your website for your visitors many will leave within seconds. So don't expect your visitors, sales or lead capturing to improve until your website does.

3 Powerful Ways To Lower Your Website Bounce Rate

  1. Put your important information in the navigation and above the fold. This is the area you see on your website without scrolling down.Navigation, contact information, services, video etc. It is important to think like a visitor. What are you looking for when you visit a website? Do you leave when you don't find it?
  2. Add a "lead capture form" with a free offer such as a relevant useful report or 5 part free training by email.
  3. Improve your website/landing page experience by having fast loading page, relevant information, easy navigation and be transparent. Confusing your visitor will turn them off.
Your homework is to go to your favorite websites and see why you come back. Is it the colors they use? Easy navigation? Fun images? There are many things that can make a website a people magnet, but when  you want to make sales or get leads you must incorporate the information your visitor needs in seconds.

Happy Marketing!

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