Friday, January 6, 2017

Why Marketing is Your Main Business

No matter what your business is , your first priority must be to market your business and if your business is successful and doing well, your first priority is to market your business.

 I am a social media marketing advocate and I know that the economy can change in a flash and your business could fail like many others in the past and present.

I am also a firm believer in Article marketing and you should never stop making all the content you can to build a strong foundation for your marketing efforts. However, your articles can be repurposed and used on all social media channel.
  • A picture can be placed in Instagram
  • A tweet can go out about your new article
  • Your article can be turned into a Youtube video 
  • Several articles can be turned into a training and given away as a bonus on your lead capture page.
 Don't think it can happen to you?
   Remember how Real Estate agents didn't even have to know how to sell a house and still sold? well I do, because it  was over when I had my Real Estate license. I saw Realtors that have been licensed for years struggling for a sale and downsizing their homes. It became a renter market and the game was changed.

    Real Estate is only one business that was affected by the economy. Don't let this happen to you. Continue to advertise and never stop.Today social media marketing and advertising has proved to be the most effective and less costly than Google advertising but like anything you have to know what you are doing.

For instance did you know that every time you boost your add on the front of Facebook, it is not targeted to the people you need to reach? You have to go into the back FB advertising back office to specifically target your audience.

Having a Twitter account is great because you can tweet all you want everyday.
Instagram is great to send pictures but you can not treat it like a twitter account. Images rule on this website.

YouTube is always a favorite. You can tell your story and emb your video right onto your own website. You can make as many videos as you like and Google index it into the search engines. Remember Google owns YouTube and will index it before other sites.

With all of the social media channels today you can have backlinks accumulating for that free traffic over time in the mean while social media advertising will get you your customers and leads you need.

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