Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why Pay For Social Media Marketing Every Month?

 Get out of your own way and start growing your business. Your business does not have to suffer with the economy when you can be economy proofed by using Social Media Marketing.

There are many things that happen over the months that reinforce social media marketing efforts and that is not a problem for those that do this for a living. I say that to say any business person that is doing their own social media marketing is working very hard but not on their business.

You are in business to spend your time wisely growing your business and should let your marketers and developers, if you trust them and they are bringing you results, do what they do and develop your business online.

Is Your Website Ready for Marketing? Before you pay for marketing make sure your website is sending the right message. Before putting spending marketing money this asset needs to be ready. See what your website needs to get the best results from your marketing efforts.

You Will Be CRAZY Not to Switch to Social Media Marketing...Here's Why

The money you are paying for  in Yelp or GROUPON , you could pay a little more and get several times over the business that is trackable. You need to be able to track your growth or you are already  loosing. You need to know what works in order to do more of it. Don't cut yourself in the foot by not changing with the times. 

Social media marketing will send your bottom line to the top.Social media is making the most millionaires and billionaire in history. You would be crazy not to use it to grow your business like thousands of others are beginning to do. Just go to Instagram and check out the new businesses. Better yet, sign up and start posting for your business. No worries there are plenty of video that can walk you through the process. Just do it.

What You Pay a Marketer and or Developer To Do For Your Business

   I know this is a long drawn out list and everyone does not do all of these things at one time. But to keep your business coming and your lead list growing many things have to be considered and monitored on a regularly... and just imagine there are many things I have not listed. The returns of correctly done marketing has allowed businesses to grow into franchises and open more jobs into the community.

1. Strategy marketing development- Testing and placing your business content, videos and ads where it will gain the most leads. Developing content that is engaging and ads that are attracting customers.
Build your business a Brand Story to connect with potential customers.
A brand story is necessary and should be reinforce with your marketing efforts.
Place content in social media sources such as:
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

2. Target keyword research: researching competitors and the best valued keywords and were to use them is a skill that is acquired with training and the right methods and tools.

3. Search related terms to be used to produce link variations 

4. Establish baseline performance for search terms in all major engines 

5. Assess link popularity and page saturation
Analyze link popularity in order to determine how many of the site’s pages are currently indexed in major search engines (page saturation) and how many other sites link to the site (link popularity)

6. Assess search engine-friendliness of site
Provides a thorough site evaluation to ensure that your website pages can be indexed by crawler based search engines such as Google and Yahoo Search

7. Review recent site traffic statistics
Review of the recent site statistics/logs to help assess how visitors currently access the website

Phase II: Implementation

8. Identify target pages for optimization
Determine how to best integrate your target terms into your site pages

9. Build your business a Brand Story to connect with potential customers.

A brand story is necessary and should be reinforce with your marketing efforts.

10. Linking strategy (internal and external)
Review internal linking structure to identify opportunities for inserting key terms to be used as anchor text leading to the optimized pages and to ensure that search engines can effectively spider the site.

11. Format style sheet and apply header tags
Apply the appropriate header tags (e.g. H1, H2) to the page headings and subheadings to help ensure that the key terms receive maximum weighting

12. Format page titles and meta tags
Make sure that the titles of the optimized pages are strategically created to integrate key terms and appeal to potential site visitors. The proper formatting of meta keyword and description tags ensures that key terms are properly utilized within these often misunderstood tags, and that you do not break any rules in the process.

13. Manually submit pages to targeted engines and/or directories (continuous process)
Your site pages may already be indexed in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo Search, and MSN. If they are not, then there are options for submitting your site to these engines directly.

Obtaining links from sites that are currently indexed in these engines would also help search engines find and index your site. If your site has a search engine-friendly linking structure (as it should) then any new pages you add should automatically be found by the search engines, which may take anywhere from several weeks to several months.

14. Other linking strategy we will do to obtain one-way linking
(continuous process) Article Submission, press releases - as needed, video optimization and blog commenting.

Phase III: Analysis

15. Search Engine Monitoring
Following the Phase II implementation process, we will monitor the major search engines until to confirm that that your optimized pages have been properly indexed.

16. Post-optimization position report
Once optimized pages have been properly indexed by the search engines, a post optimization report for key term positioning of your site pages should be prepared to objectively measure improvement relative you your initial positioning.

17. Analysis of progress and consultation
After evaluating your new search engine positioning for target terms, we will continue to monitor progress to gauge the implications of this and plan for future growth and maintenance strategies.

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